SCAR Thoughts & Feelings–Gump Edition

Here are some general thoughts, feelings, and responses to questions about SCAR (which is less than a week away!) told through Forrest Gump gifs since he’s obviously an endurance god and gets it, also since it’s just a great movie. Here ya go!

When people ask me about SCAR:



When people ask me how I’m feeling–Answer: a wee bit nervous 😉

When people say, “Wow, that’s a lot of swimming!”


“How are you going to deal with the exhaustion and soreness?”

**Forrest=me, exhaustion and pain=the ball, SCAR=the opponent**

My friends/family trying to give me a pre-race pep talk:

Me trying to nail down all the little details:

My anticipated response for when people ask me *post-Apache* what got me across:


General cycle of emotions:


Thanks for reading! 😉

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