3 Days (again): 3 Ways to Watch the Swim

Hello everybody! After watching the weather forecast and emailing back and forth with Greg (President of MOWSA) and John (my boat captain), we’ve all agreed that the weather forecast is significantly better for Sunday so we are officially pushing the swim to August 7th! High tide is at 3AM on Sunday morning so I will be starting then! It is a little more time in the dark than I had planned for but not only will I finish earlier now (yay!) I will get more time to enjoy the beautiful, bioluminescent jellies (double yay!).

Here are 3 ways to watch and support my swim on Sunday!

1.Follow the tracker

You can watch the swim throughout Sunday: http://track.rs/elizacummings/ using this link! You can see how far I’ve gone, what the water temp is, check the wind and waves and see how far I have to go.

2.Follow my social media

During the swim, Charlye will have my phone and be posting on my social media! Best places to look are snapchat and facebook. Comments on my Facebook will be written on a white board for me to read while I’m swimming. Charlye will be doing occasional live-stream videos on my Facebook so you’ll be able to watch parts of the swim in real time.

3.Follow MOWSA’s facebook page

In addition to my social media, MOWSA will also be sharing the link for my tracker and posting updates on my progress so you can look out for those posts too! Charlye will be screening these posts for comments to write on the white board as well.

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