3 Days: 3 Things I’m Most Excited For

Since 4 Days to go featured some of the concerns surrounding the swim, I wanted to follow it up with 3 of the things that I am looking forward to the most!

1.Bioluminescent jellyfish

Since I’ll be starting in the early hours of the morning, it will be dark but not pitch black. Previous P2P swimmers have written about how the hours leading up the sunrise treat you to a beautiful view below. Small bioluminescent jellys light up as you pass by them making the ocean look like a starry night sky or a lava lamp! Needless to say I am excited to see it for myself and be entertained for the first couple of hours of the swim.

2.Swimming at sunrise

Another part of the swim that I am looking forward to is swimming through sunrise! After starting when it is still dark, seeing the sun and watching it rise higher and higher in the sky will be beautiful and give me a great mental boost.

3.Swimming with Abby and Anthony

I feel so lucky to have both of these people on my swim with me! Seeing Anthony next to me the whole time in the kayak will make it feel like just another casual, low-stress training swim. He also makes the greatest funny faces and does excellent kayak paddle dances that always keep me entertained, so I am thoroughly looking forward to that. And of course there is Abby! I know that whenever she gets in the water it will be so fun to have a swimmer next to me who I love so much. It’ll be a beautiful way to cap off the last six months of crazy training which all started with training with Abby in the Smith pool March-May.

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