7 Days: 7 FAQs

7 days away!! Here are 7 FAQs that I’ve been getting about my swim:

Is it a race? // Will there be other swimmers?

No it is not a race. It is a sanctioned solo swim so I will be the only swimmer in the water other than Abby Bergman who is my support swimmer who can come in the water for a total of 3 hours with me.

How many people have done the P2P?

Only 7 people have completed the P2P. In 1968, Russell Chaffee was the first swimmer to ever complete the crossing. After Chaffee, 5 swimmers attempted the crossing in 2012, of the 5 who attempted the crossing, 4 completed it. The following year, Mo Siegel (the 5th of the 2012 swimmers) completed the crossing. In 2014, Courtney Paulk became the 7th swimmer to ever complete the crossing and set a course record of 9 hours and 43 minutes.

Who is going to be on your boat?

I will have a boat captain and first mate. My crew captain (my step-dad, Andy), my support swimmer (Abby), support crew (Charlye—in charge of keeping everyone not on the boat updated), kayaker (Anthony), and an official observer from MOWSA who will sanction my swim and make sure everyone adheres to the rules of the crossing.

How long will it take?

I am estimating that the crossing will take between 10-12 hours. Of course this estimate can change based on the conditions and many other variables.

Can I come watch?

If you are somewhere nearby on the east coast and want to make a trip out to the Cape to hopefully watch the finish, feel free to come! My mom and dad will be on the beach in Provincetown and the more the merrier! Feel free to email or message me for beach landing details if you are interested.

Also, in the next few days I will be posting the link to my tracker so everyone can watch online as I make my way across the bay. 

Do you get to rest?

Once I start the swim there is no resting until I finish! I will be stopping every 30 minutes for a feed but cannot touch/hold onto the boat or kayak so I will be treading water while consuming my feeds.

Are you ready? // Are you nervous?

Yes and yes. I am ready to go. I know that I have physically and mentally prepared myself to take on this swim and be successful! With that said, it is hard to not be nervous about doing something so challenging! Most of my nerves are about the things I cannot control: weather, marine life, etc. A great mantra that I am repeating to myself is “let go or be dragged.” There is no point in stressing out and getting bogged down thinking about things out of my control. I know I am physically and mentally up for the task and with reasonable conditions I know I can finish.

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